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Removing a Truss Rod Plug and Adding Washers


Depending on how this went I was prepared with an alternate title: How to wreck your Strat in 5 easy minutes. Instead this method worked really really well. I’m some kind of magnet for bad truss rods. I’ve had 3 … Continue reading

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Some Mic Comparisons


I’m looking forward to this post. It’s less technical and more about a philosophy. I won’t talk about motherboards or logarithmic ratios. Instead I’ll record some mics and listen to the differences. I’ll give you my take. Then I’ll post … Continue reading

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Syncing Converters for 8 More Tracks


Or how I learned to start worrying and hate the tape machine. I’ll go through the process of adding another 8 tracks (ADAT) to an audio interface so we can record more tracks simultaneously. On the way I’ll cover some … Continue reading

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