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Dialing in Bass Guitar Tone


Summery: Here I cover the basics of direct bass tone. Many simple things are commonly overlooked imo. You don’t need $1,000 preamps, an expensive bass, or even a cab to get a very useable tone. Start at the Very Beginning: … Continue reading

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Case Study: Tracking Spontaneous Bass Grooves


Summery: Practice? Nope. Prior Listening? Nah. We tracked bass grooves for 10 songs in about 2 hours. A producer I know wanted me to track some bass for an album he’s doing. I warned him, ” I’m no session guy”. … Continue reading

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The Reason Room Treatments Matter

Summery: There is a lot of confusion about acoustic treatment in rooms. I’m not talking about how to do it but why you should do it. I decided to do a very short post on my perspective. With a bit … Continue reading

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Re-evaluating Dynamic Mics


Audio samples are below. Summery: If you record to a DAW you may want to take a second look at your dynamic mics. About a year ago I started to have experiences counter to what I had read. Again and … Continue reading

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Fractal Axe FX and Magix Vandal: Tone Compared


Audio samples are further down the page. Summary: I really like my Fractal Axe FX Standard. It sounds better then any guitar sim I’ve used. It sounds better then my Fender Twin reissue or my Marshall 25th anniversary head and … Continue reading

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