UltraTouch findings

I had all these great photos of the blue dust fallout from installing UltraTouch insulation. But then something happened. My lovely wife decided it was time to wipe the camera card. Photos included: Largest dust bunnies evah, custom blue felted monitors and mics.

As you can see the dust storm has cleared and 99 and 44/100s of the jean-shred is in place. thank you for your support shop vac.

Here are a few things I’d like to pass on.

1) big help. you know how many times I missed the netting with my staple gun? about every 3rd time. Then i realized there is a little notch at the the front of the gun. pull the netting a bit tight, slip the tip on so that it rides the netting. works way better.

2) first time is the charm. Ultratouch isn’t very rigid but it’s not exactly like a wad of cotton either. for best results get the first stuff/wedge right. Because every attempt after that gets harder. The stuff looses it’s form.

4) luckily nothing in my studio reacts adversely to dust. what’s that? it does? oh cr*p. anyway get a load of this fallout on sm57 and my respirator particle filter. (picture missing due to other’s carelessness)

5) netting. wonder where you can get this? well they do sell insulation netting. but that’s way harder to find then the stuff in the gardening section of hardware store. Mine was from home depot, cost about under $20 for about 300 square feet, and worked better then the insulation support my contractor gave me.

6) Insul-Knife. Sorry, 2 thumbs down. I went the extra mile and ordered the recommended sharpener. Perhaps the kitchen knife sharpener did it no justice. Nope. Even after giving it a good sharpening with this product AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener it was of little help. I stick by my initial assessment of this product: You will have better luck using your mind to will the cotton batt to cut itself. The upside? The AccuSharp knife sharpener works great.

Bonded Logic
, you know I love you, but please don’t recommend the Insul-Knife for your product. Take that off your site. Sorry.

On a side note, after vacuuming off my sm57s, I’d like to give them shout out. Best mic ever!

Here’s why. Remember when you were 22 and that band you were auditioning for asked “if you were on a desert island what…” forget about the album. Take a sm57. They only cost $100, leaving you with some spare fire paper. if a solar powered DAW and speakers wash up on the shore one day you can record just about anything with it and sound good enough for the crabs and birds. Between sessions use it to crack open shellfish. When it finally stops working sharpen one end on rock and use it for a spearhead. Hunt delicious boar! Hands down winner in my book.

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