Album Challenge: Release 10/8/13

It’s this: A challenge to myself and other readers to finish an album by 10/8/13.  That’s 255 days to write, record, and inject magic®.

On the way I’ll share everything. Philosophy, writing inspiration, recording, production, promotion, and anything else I think could be of use. Have a question? Ask. Have an idea? Share.

You see, I think I’ve lost my way.  Like many diligent and good meaning musicians I’ve fallen into an alluring pool of technology. I’ve gone past technology as a means and started perusing it as an ends.  Ten years ago I considered content supreme and engineering best left to someone in a lab coat. Coincidentally(?) that’s the last time I recorded my own material.

In a way I’ve been hiding.  I mean, if you are a technical guy to begin with, I say tech on. But I’m not. It’s just more comfortable loosing yourself in technology then sharing your work with the public.

Is that you too? Let’s see what we can do in 255 days.



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