Album Challenge: Post 4

Lyrics did not come easy on this one. Luckily I found some of the first draft I wrote maybe a year ago. Thank you Google drive.  Good to find lines like:

“An old pool hall, a picture show
Dusty love affairs
Memories walking hand in hand
and dying off in pairs.”

I changed the title. “The Lion of the Town” seems more central and gets repeated a few times.

I started using regions in Reaper which allows you to take whole vertical sections of a song and shuffle them around. It’s a quick way to arrange. You can see what you need in terms of lyrics and how the structure flows. You know, verse, chorus, bridge. This is much faster then what I used to do. I’m a  fan of fast.  Technology should keep up with fleeting thoughts. That’s one reason I often go to the acoustic drums instead of programming them in.

If you listen you’ll hear just about everything is a loop except the vocals. The point is to put down the structure of the song for the vocals. Regions are great for that. Later we’ll see how well I fake a steel guitar.

The vocals are still pretty rough imo. There are notes I’m not sure about. Notes that aren’t quite in key. The phrasing isn’t 100%. Right now there are some rough edits between verses. Have to figure those out. I do think I figured out the tempo and key. Hope.

If you listen you can tell the vox were done in several takes. The mic placement was a bit different. They were done over about 3 days so my voice actually sounds different on some takes. When I record this again I’ll most likely do it in one day with consistent mic placement. I used to sweat this. Not much anymore. It’s still nice to start out in a consistent place imo. You can always add variety with plugins.

So that’s it for this one I think. If it gets used I’ll circle back and make it real purty. What song will be next? Hmmm.

Final thought. It’s amazing how exacting music can be. The difference between a part working and not working can come down to some nuanced stuff. Getting the timing spot on can make a big difference. I don’t mean on the grid. I mean so the feel or groove is right. This comes up a lot when I program drums. Sometimes no grid setting works and I have to just “play it in” so it feels right.

I’ve mixed a lot of troubled songs. One bit of advice: Nail the timing.

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