Album Challenge: Post 24

Shaky Terrier is starting to sound like a song. Yay.

One thing I learned from listening to the Flaming Lips was: You can have more then one bass. While screwing around I happened to have 3 basses pulled up on the mix. I liked it. So these tracks have 3 bass lines for the most part. All hit up with Reaper’s bandisto, a kind of transistor distortion. They were meant to be 3 unison tracks, and are at times, but I liked the mess of mostly-unison. So here it is.

Finally got the key or finally settled on one. 1/2 step can make a big difference. Note that self.

I’ve wanted to use my live drums for some time. Just another sonic palate. I used the mic that was set up for my vocals. One mic that is about 12 feet from my snare. Sounds pretty good. I may just stick with that. Although my playing is whoa-fully late on the kick. On top of these drums I plan to sing “Mr. Fritzy Kibbleton”. It’s kind of a chorus-anthem thing.

I have some other ideas… adding variety to the BFD drums, doubling the length of the Shaky Terrier Chorus. We’ll see where it goes.

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