Studio Fully Dressed

I finished dressing the room the week before some friends flew in to record an EP. Something like 1200 sqft of cotton jersey went up. I did run out on the last small wall. So I hit the local discount fabric places and found something with similar acoustic properties and a complimentary color.


Here’s the Electro-Voice RE20 we used to track vocals. They came out nice without the issues I normally get using my “affordable” condenser mics. Overall I’ve gotten so much better results with dynamic mics then condensers. I’ve preferred my sm57 on acoustic guitar, as drum overheads, and vocals. So lock me up I guess.


The ceiling is looking like a giant comfy cushion. When I install the zero G conditioner I’ll be sure to roll around up there.


This is the front wall. I’ve been lugging around a 4’x4′ piece of art for about 15 years. Not one girlfriend liked it and now neither does my wife. I know where it’s going.

See that wood speaker stand on the right? I’m going to do a long “how to build” post on that next time.

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2 Responses to Studio Fully Dressed

  1. GuySonic says:

    Looks like a dream come true.
    Maybe a little overdamped for my style of using single stereo surround type mic liking a bit of live reflection from places, but you can always add live surfaces anytime, anywhere needed.

    For me, like sealed acoustic suspension type speakers having more accurate transient response at the bottom end.

    Keeping the noise from the fans inside the gear looks to be a challenge if not already having variable speed cooling blades inside.

    Looking forward to hearing some of your work.

  2. cporro says:

    every upgrade is a dream come true at this point. you should have heard the first rooms i tried to mix in. ditto for my old “pro audio” monitors. 😀

    thx for the ideas and recs.

    still in the works: getting my work posted and finishing the 3 or 4 ongoing projects i have.

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