6G5V6587 First I want to outline my philosophy on gear. When you hire an engineer you are paying for skill not gear. Someone like Andy Wallace is going to kill it using just about any gear. So you might think… If it’s not about gear then why can’t I mix my own stuff? You can. But it might take a few years to get it right. You also might pull out your hair and quit music.

This is what I use mostly.

Room: 3,500 sqft treated.

Monitors: Mackie HR824, Mixcubes powered by an ancient Bryston 2B, some cheap computer speakers, an unremarkable car stereo.

RME Fireface 800, FMR RNC, FMR RNP, Fractal Axe-FX

Software: Samplitude Pro 11 with native plugins, UAD-1, Altiverb, BFD2, Kontakt 4, Reaper 4, DMG Equality and Compassion.

Mics: SM7, SM57 x 4, SM58 beta, SM81, Electro-Voice RE-20, AKG D112, AKG c200b, Rode nt1, ECM 8000

Over the last few years I’ve been searching out high quality digital solutions to replace my analog gear. I have no romantic attachments to analog or any technology. You can make good records using many technologies.