We Hold Hands: Music technology can be confusing. We don’t expect you to know it all. If you have questions about submitting a file, how to best record a kick drum, or export from your DAW, just ask us. We like explaining.

Mixing: Mixing is more then a technical skill. Good mixing executes the artist’s vision of the music. We make sure to talk to the artist, take notes, and get reference mixes. Then we start mixing.

Mixing is the primary focus of Blue Dust Studio. The room was put together with mixing in mind. It is the area where I have the most interest. The way music is mixed makes a big difference. I wish there were more examples of mixes done with the exact same tracks out there. If there were perhaps the public would realize the importance of mixing. Mixing can make a demo sound a lot more commercial. If you start critically listening to mixes you soon realize genres have a mixing style. For example your average hip-hop kick is mixed very difference then your average folk kick.

If you are outside the San Francisco Bay Area we can still mix your music. Slip a CD of tracks in the mail, upload them to our server, or use an online storage service.

Consulting: When I started recording digitally over 10 years ago I wish I had an informed friend to point me in the right direction. How do you set up a room for mixing? For recording? What gear is worth buying? How do I get that sound?

It’s true a wealth of information can be found online but an even greater wealth of bad information is out there. What’s more none of it takes into account your unique needs. For example there are many things that can make a recording or mix sound bad. In my experience you need to fully understand each situation to improve it. Sometimes that means standing in the room. Sometimes that means having the tracks.

When I look back on my steps and missteps I realize good advice was the best investment value.

Music Composition: Clients that hire us to write music are looking for something unique. They have listened to library music but want something more distinctive. We work with art directors and usually several reference tracks to produce a few demos. After the best demo is selected it is developed into a finished song. We have written songs ranging from techno to folk.

Sound Design: When library sounds just aren’t right we can create or record custom sounds that fit your project. We have done sound design for online ads, iPhone games, and websites. Although I am shying away from sound design if your project requires something unique we should talk.

Recording: Since Blue Dust was built with mixing in mind it is not a typical recording studio. That said, we have recorded full bands here. I have also recorded singer songwriters. If you are interested please email us so we can determine if we can meet your recording needs. Bonus: There is a nicely tuned house drum kit.