BlueDust Studio is located in San Francisco, CA.

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  1. rich smith says:

    I have a few hip hop beats that ive been working on that are in need of mixing and mastering. Hit me up so we can discuss details.

  2. Jason Berg says:

    Hi Chris, came across the site yesterday while researching some mics. looks cool I’ve read all your posts, dig the space. Quick question, why shoot for -10 as a peak. We record into a Zoom r24 and then mix it Garage band and due to inexperience mostly I find I cant get the volumes that I want with out pushing everything to much. I would assume keep the peaks lower to not distort the signal and then better equipment could get the volume up? I would like to send you some tracks to see what you could turn it into? what do you charge for a mix and tweak? Thanks for your time.

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